The Beccs technology is a replicable technique paving the way to net carbon negative markets and foster carbon capture and storage value chain connections. Not only can it be replicated in other location, but also within other industries and further afield, as well as scaled up.

The CCS-value chain begins at the stage where the carbon dioxide is being captured, followed by liquefaction and buffering. Thereafter, the CO2 is transported by ship to an underground storage site.

Beccs Stockholm being one of the early adopters adopting the Beccs technology will be an important player in establishing the necessary link in the value chain throughout Northern Europe. Not only will Beccs Stockholm aid the development of a new European market for net carbon removals but also act as a lead for other CCS projects till follow suit henceforth.

Thus far, two locations have been identified as replicable for the solution. If implemented, the two sites would have the potential to capture 1.1 Mt CO2 per year, of which 0.8 Mt from biogenic sources. Further, by replicating the technology in other industries, such as the pulp and paper industry, waste incinerators and heat plants the solution also has the potential to be scaled up across the economy, and thereby contributing to the necessary net carbon removals foreseen by relevant scenarios reaching climate neutrality.