Here you can read about Stockholm Exergi’s views on important matters concerning negative emissions as well as find other documents of interest in relation to carbon removals.

TitleDateKey words
BECCS Methodology2024-06-20Methodology, Removals, Sustainable biomass, CRC-F
Stockholm Exergi's response to the second Article 6.4 Consultation on Removals2023-07-27Removals, Permanence, Paris Agreement, Article 6
Green Claims Contribution by Stockholm Exergi_2023-07-192023-07-19EU, Green Claims, Net-zero, Co-claiming
EU 2040 Contribution by Stockholm Exergi_2023-06-222023-06-22EU, 2040, Negative emissions, Waste incineration
Stockholm Exergi's consultation response to Art 6.4 Guidance-and-questions-for-further-work-on-removals2023-06-19Removals, Permanence, Paris Agreement, Article 6
Opinion on referral of the EU Commission's proposal for a Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF)2023-02-07EU, CRC-F, Methodologies, Claims