It is important that we from Stockholm Exergi are here on the ground at COP28, making our voice heard. Our corporate perspective adds the necessary input needed to establish an understanding of how a market for negative emissions can become reality. Many of the people who are currently here in Dubai have a top-down perspective, based on how politics should shape society. That is an important perspective, but it must be complemented with a bottom-up perspective, which stems from the reality of the companies. As a researcher, I am convinced that it is not possible to build this energy system transition with only the political perspective. Companies and the general public must be engaged too.

Often, those who are to make the necessary investments are overlooked. Decision-makers need to realize that the market to be created is for companies that want to manage their very last emissions, which are extremely difficult or expensive to eliminate, and need a possibility to trade with negative emissions. It is close at hand to fall into perspectives and reasoning that deal with the responsibility of states and theoretical assumptions that lack grounding in reality. Ultimately, it all comes down to investors making decisions to invest in this technology and companies that will purchase negative emissions. The function of politics is to set frameworks that enable all stakeholders to be participate and contribute to this journey.

The overall interest in how the negative emissions can contribute to mitigate climate change is growing, that is clear here at COP28. It is also very clear that nations in our vicinity, I am thinking especially of Denmark and Norway, work incredibly focused with these issues and have strong political support. At several seminars here at COP28, high-level politicians and ministers from both countries are participating. Political action supports the development, and it is clear that industry stakeholders and politics are doing this together.

In all of this lies a great opportunity also for Sweden, and I really urge Swedish politicians to actively take on the implementation of CCS and BECCS. Strive to get support systems in place and contribute to the growth of this emerging industry. Sweden is one of the countries in the world with the most favorable conditions for building an export industry of negative emissions.


Fabian Levihn

Last update

  • 2023-12-06