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Why we are attending COP27

We are attending COP27 to talk about our groundbreaking BECCS technology & to accelerate its introduction in Europe.

BECCS is crucial to achieving global climate goals
Negative emissions have been deemed by the UN’s climate panel IPCC as crucial to limiting global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees. Bio Energy Carbon Capture and Storage is one such way to create negative emissions.

We aim to be the largest supplier of negative emissions in 2026
Stockholm Exergi aims to be the first high-volume producer in the world of sustainable bio-energy CDR with permanent storage & the largest supplier of negative emissions in the EU, starting in 2026.

Supported by the EU Innovation Fund
EU support for Stockholm Exergi’s BECCS project amounts to EUR 180 million over 10 years – an important stream of revenue to help finance a full-scale facility and thereby accelerate BECCS’ implementation in the EU.


A healthy market for negative emissions

We are advocating for a healthy market for negative emissions. Large-scale BECCS is conditional on the establishment of a voluntary market for negative emissions.
In order to scale up the development and implementation of BECCS technology, a voluntary market for negative emissions, bound by a global regulatory framework, that enables the sale of so-called Carbon Removal Certificates (CRC) needs to be established

COP27 is an important step towards clarifying the UN’s Article 6
There is currently a framework in place for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement (a key component of trade that benefits the climate), but it needs to be clarified. This is an ongoing process, expected to be completed by COP28. The UN’s flagship climate conference COP27 in Egypt is therefore an important opportunity for Stockholm Exergi to discuss details and advocate regarding how they should be formulated.


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