Stockholm Exergi has been granted permission to build one of Europe’s first large-scale plants for carbon dioxide capture through BECCS (Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage) in Värtahamnen, Stockholm. This was announced by the Land and Environmental Court last Thursday.

– This is historic for our company and for Swedish climate work. When completed, the facility will capture 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, which is more than the emissions from road traffic in Stockholm during the same period. This will help both Stockholm and Sweden reach their climate goals, says Stockholm Exergi’s CEO Anders Egelrud.

In March 2023, Stockholm Exergi submitted its application to the Land and Environmental Court to build a large-scale facility for the capture of biogenic carbon dioxide. Last Thursday, the Land and Environmental Court announced that it is granting an environmental permit for the facility.

– The permit covers the construction and operation of facilities for separating carbon dioxide from flue gases from a biofuel-fired combined heat and power plant as well as compressing, liquefying and temporarily storing the separated carbon dioxide, the Land and Environment Court writes in a press release.

The Land and Environmental Court’s positive decision is a prerequisite for Stockholm Exergi to be able to make an investment decision and then start construction of the plant, which is planned to be commissioned in 2027. Stockholm Exergi is now continuing its work to achieve this.

– In addition to the licence, other important pieces need to fall into place before we make the investment decision. A crucial issue is how the state support system for BECCS is designed. The government is working on the issue and we hope that the support will soon be in place, says Anders Egelrud.

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  • Daniel Löfstedt
  • 2024-04-02