Yesterday, US Senator Tammy Duckworth from Illinois visited Stockholm Exergi and Värtaverket. On the agenda was district heating, bio-CCS and how to utilize energy from waste.

Tammy Duckworth describes herself as a senator who advocates for practical, common-sense solutions needed to move the US as a country and the state of Illinois forward. The delegation was therefore very interested in how Stockholm Exergi heats Stockholm with our district heating. All while simultaneously creating other societal benefits, such as waste treatment with energy recovery and developing bio-CCS.

– We are very happy that international actors such as American decision-makers are showing interest in our work. District heating has always been the core of our business and it is a prerequisite for the investments in bio-CCS that we are now exploring, says Stockholm Exergi’s CEO Anders Egelrud.

Fabian Levihn, Head of Research and Development at Stockholm Exergi, guided the group at the bio-CCS research facility. He spoke about negative emissions, which will be needed in addition to strong emission reduction, to achieve the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

– As early movers in the new bio-CCS market, it is important for us to share our knowledge on these issues. The hope is that we can work together with both national and international actors to meet the climate challenge, says Fabian.

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  • Samuel Scott
  • 2024-02-21