The large interest in Stockholm Exergi remained during 2023, at large demonstrated by the number of people that was eager to visit and observe our operations firsthand.

“Just in the second half of the year, we received 100 visits at Värtaverket alone,” says Samuel Scott, responsible for coordinating the visits to Stockholm Exergi.

For Stockholm Exergi, these visits are important. Due to the company’s vital role in society it is relevant for us to share what we do and how the company is developing with the public. As Stockholm Exergi invests in BECCS and have become more significant in combating climate change, interest from the outside world has increased. Most people who visit Stockholm Exergi want to learn more about our investment and are excited to visit our research facility.

“It is striking how many of those who come here have an ‘aha’ moment when they learn how the BECCS technology is intended to work in reality. There are many who express that the project is absolutely fantastic, and that knowledge about it must continue to be spread to more people,” says Samuel Scott.

Lars Carlsson and Hampus Hägglund work precisely with that, spreading knowledge about BECCS and Stockholm Exergi to more people. Lars Carlsson works as a shift engineer and Hampus Hägglund as an operating engineer, but they are also two of Stockholm Exergi’s guides who receive several visits every week.

“It is important that Stockholm Exergi has a strong and positive relationship with its surroundings. We want those who come to us to feel valued, that they get to experience engaged guidance, and learn interesting things,” says Lars Carlsson.

Both Hampus Hägglund and Lars Carlsson enjoy their roles as guides and appreciate all the meetings they get to be part of.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet so many different people and talk about what we do here at Stockholm Exergi. One time it can be a class of school kids and the next time a group of CEOs. To stand on a cold winter day on the asphalt courtyard in the middle of Värtaverket with a group of visitors and explain that despite the silence, an incredible amount of electricity and heat is being produced, is very exciting,” says Hampus Hägglund.

As we are head into the new year, Hampus, Lars, and the rest of Stockholm Exergi are looking forward to welcoming even more visitors in 2024.

“Every year is very inspiring because you don’t know what will happen in the energy market and how we as a company can contribute. Regardless, we know that things will happen that we can highlight in our tours, because Stockholm Exergi plays an important part in contributing to the energy transition,” says Lars Carlsson.

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  • Daniel Löfstedt
  • 2024-01-11